Variables define complexity

A skyscraper looks majestic from up close and when one sees it from a distance it resembles a Lego game. One block put on another to create a tower of a hundred floors.

And yet there is difference. The difference of scale. And complexity.

A Lego game has fewer variables than a skyscraper. Making it easier to construct and fun to play with. A skyscraper, by virtue of having far too many variables becomes a project in itself. It has to be broken down into smaller chunks so as to make it comprehensible.

Variables govern complexity. The numbers of variables we have created in our Lego games govern how complex a life we have created for ourselves.

Restrict them to a limited few, a job, family, health, a hobby, and management reduces, fatigue reduces. Add a few more, and the complexity goes up exponentially.

As for what should an ideal mix of variables be is a question very specific to an individual’s desires and objectives.

What do you think is your ideal mix? Few or many? How many have you actually taken?