This Way It Will Ever Be

I come, I go, I let my feelings flow
I win, how so, I let the music blow
My head, my heart, forever rising high,
I live, I die, like a cloud in the sky.

I dream, my life, I pray my wishes true.
I climb, so high, I live this life as full.
I see, the world, and everywhere I go.
I walk, the earth, on every road I roam,

I sense, the smell, of life in every dawn,
I feel, the scent, of flowers every morn,
I smile, with the smile, I see in every face,
I thank, the lord, for all her lovely grace.

I laugh, with heart, that beats every day,
I love, the flowers, that’ve fallen in my way,
I think, the times, that life has had me see,
I live, Happy, this way it will ever be!