This soap or that

In my life of almost 30 years, I have taken a bath roughly ten thousand times (on an average one bath a day). In these ten thousand baths, I have used great many kinds of soaps to clean myself. For the first few thousand baths, I don’t even know what soaps & oils my tender body was subject to.

Yet in all these thousands of baths, the one thing that has remained unchanged is that all those different varieties of soaps have done their jobs just as well. No matter what the advertisements on the Television claimed, a bar of soap cleaned the dirt out of the hands, feet and other parts of the body in ways which isn’t much different from another.

Such was also the case with shampoos, face wash, toothpaste, face cream and a thousand other cosmetics.

Reflect upon your life and you may find a similar trend there.

Our choice of soaps varies much like our choice of clothes. Some we choose based on habit, some out of advertisements and others out of recommendations. Whatever the process of choosing may be a soap is a soap. Its job is to clean which it does quite effectively without discrimination.

Beyond a certain point, this soap or that doesn’t really matter. All soaps have the similar set of chemical ingredients performing similar set of tasks. We may choose to prefer one over another.

Beyond a certain point, this soap or that, doesn’t really matter. It is our choice that makes all the difference.