The Tomorrow Syndrome

Tomorrow Syndrome

I missed my blog post last week. This happened primarily because of one reason. And that is the reason I want to delve into this particular post.

With reference to my previous post on that heavy heart, I had decided to write one post a week. Since then, barring most weeks, I have been regular. I write most of my posts on the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are my time to write. At times, amidst many other commitments, I fail to spend time on the weekend to write the post.

Something similar happened last weekend too.

I sat down on the Saturday to write my post. Was not getting the right ideas. I therefore decided to postpone it to Sunday, knowing very well that Sunday was going to be a busy day. On Sunday I had to go for a Toastmasters training session. Super busy day, reached home at 4pm. In the evening I again tried to sit down and write, but I was feeling tired and sleepy. I thought it would be best to sleep for a while and then write. You can imagine my fate.

By the end of the day, I had already decided to do it on Monday.

I was a victim of what can only be called as the Tomorrow Syndrome. The story I was telling to myself was I will write the post tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow!

What I did not realize was that the tomorrow on which I was thinking of writing my post was nothing but today exactly one sunrise later. And when that today came, I got the same feeling inside. Besides it was the middle of the week and it gets difficult to write anything during the week. It is my experience that if a post is not written on the weekend, it won’t be written at all since the week gets so much more crazy and lazy.

Every tomorrow I am postponing my tasks to will become a today exactly one sunrise later.

Time is not the governing factor, the state of my postponing mind is. The question is not whether it will be done tomorrow. The question is whether or not my state of mind will change.

Think-it-over: Have you ever fallen victim of the Tomorrow Syndrome? The thing that you postpone for tomorrow, for whatever reason, were you able to do it one sunrise later? How many times have you faltered and how many times have you given justice to your ‘I will do it Tomorrow’ thought?

If the postponing state of mind does not change, the situation is going to be the same. Today or tomorrow makes no difference.