The Distance Does Not Matter

It was a rainy evening. The sweet season of love and romance! After office, I took out my vehicle to drive to a nearby place which was 10 km from my office for a meeting. During the wee hours of the day, it would take me 10-15 minutes to reach that place. In the afternoon it may take around 20 minutes. I presumed that since it was the evening time when the commuters of the world are on the roads, it may take anywhere between 30 and 40.

Little did I know the effect of the rains on the roads. After crawling my vehicle for 2 hours, I was able to manage 7 km out of the total of 10. By the time I reached that milestone of 7, I got to know that the meeting for which I was supposed to go had already ended! The people waited for me, met in my absentia and finished the meeting. I turned the vehicle back and it now took me another hour to reach home (which was 8 km from where I was!).

Recall those crazy depressing days when you set out to do something but something entirely different ends up happening instead?

The distance alone, almost always, does not matter. In the multidimensional world that we live in, a lot of other factors seep in, especially when it comes to doing certain things in a certain way.

Remember the times when you tell your mother that your stomach is full and she says, ‘Son, there is only two spoons of dal left in your bowl, finish it!’ (‘2 chammach hi to bachi hai, khatam kar de’). At that very moment you are in a dilemma whether to actually finish those ‘two spoons’ (which in actuality is much more than ‘two spoons’!) or to reply, ‘Mom, I’m full! Can’t sip even one more.”

Don’t know about you but I have always drifted in the emotional blackmail of my mother and eaten those ‘two spoons’!

The ‘other variable(s)’ are equally important. In first case it was a combination of the time of the year and the time of the day, in the second it was the emotion arising out of the mother’s push.

While the distance may be in my control, the other variable(s) almost never are. Who knows if there was no push from mom, the food would have just gotten into the refrigerator? In the Equation of Life, there are always multiple variables at play at the same time.

The distance alone, almost always, never matters.