Speech Preparation: Components of a Speech

In the previous tip, we looked at the three parts of a speech. This time, let’s look at the components of a speech when we get to preparation:

1. Content: Every speech has content. Of course that’s what makes it a speech! Great speeches have great content. This is the key differentiating factor.
Where does one look for the speech content? The secret is majority of the content comes from the speaker’s life itself! No wonder I keep on stressing on writing one’s autobiography. It keeps the memories alive.

2. Voice: Think of all the boring speeches you have heard so far (lectures, presentations, sessions). I bet all of them have would have one thing in common. A monotonous voice which moves like a straight line (or a predictable sine wave at best).
The voice in a good speech goes in a flow, up and down sometimes high sometimes low like a random wave, in sync with the content of the speech.

3. Body: The third critical component of a speech is the movement of the body. The body comprises of the arms, the hands, the face, the feet, the legs and all other parts of the body that can be used for adding impact to the speech. Without the appropriate movement of the hands, the face muscles, the legs, the arms, a speaker can’t make the kind of impact to the speech which he/she envisions.

While preparing your speech, focus on these three elements in great detail. This combined with the parts of the speech comprise what is called as a Speech!

Moving on, here are 11 ideas to select a great speech topic.