Son of the Queen

It happened on a busy street
On the day of halloween
When a pauper looked at me and said
“Are you the son of the queen?”

“Son of the queen?” I wondered
“I’m not sure what you mean
I am a mortal soul” I said
“I ain’t no son of a queen”

Then as I walked past a store
On that day of halloween
“Trick or treat” a child asked me
Then stopped himself in-between

With an awestruck look on his face
He screamed with a joy unseen
“Hey listen you people of the city!
Here comes the son of the queen!!”

“All our troubles will now begone
We’ll now be allowed to preen
The days of rejoice have come upon us
With the return of the son of the queen!”

All then gathered on that busy street
They gave me looks umpteen
And waved their hands with bliss and said
“Help us you son of the queen”

“Help us you son of the queen?” I thought
“I’m not sure what you mean
I am a mortal soul” I said
“I ain’t no son of a queen”

They showed me an old picture and said
“Your highness here look at the screen
It’s you your mother and the rest of your kin
You are the son of the queen”

They then took me to an age-old sage
Who said “It was all foreseen
That light will come to this dark city
On this day of halloween”

Amused I was on this turn of events
I’ve never ever dreamt of this scene
It made me ponder to my good self
“Am I really the son of the queen?”

Then on that day them commons all came
A Congress they did convene
And made all plans which had me in
To help the gloomy ol’queen

They sent me up into the courtyard
With clothes torn and unclean
And asked me to cry for help they said
For you will come out the queen

I rehearsed my words, how I would act
And did the same routine
Then guards went back into the castle
To give the news to the queen

“M’lady there’s a boy on the courtyard
Who looks just like Adrien
Those pretty blue eyes and curly long hair
He says he’s the son of the queen”

“Son of the queen?” she thought
“I’m not sure what you mean
My son is dead there’s no way this boy
Can be the son of the queen”

“M’lady” he said, “I know the wolves
Took away our prince Adrien
But then the boy looks just like him
As if he’s returned pristine”

Then queen got up from her chair and ran
To her son who’d been unseen
She’d looked all around and he still wasn’t found
That poor boy who was just a teen

I heard the screams of a woman upfront
“My son” she shouted, “Adrien!!!”
“You have come my son” she held me tight
And cried, “The son of the queen”

She looked up above and thanked the lord
Her face began to sheen
She took me back to the grand palace
And said, “Oh so long it has been”

“How are you my son how are you?”
Excitedly said the queen
The poor old me still left wondering
“Am I really the son of the queen??”

“Since that day this palace is mine
And has been like this evergreen
The people of the city, happy and merry
Their lives got back it’s sheen”

“Son of the queen!” I still wonder
A divine trick it has been
I sometimes laugh when I look at my self
“Hey you, you son of the queen!”