Sitting at the table

With the advent of social media, the idea of some of our past-time vacations has been highly marketed and hugely elevated into some amazing experience of a lifetime. Most common of these are photography and travel, particularly travel.

Ah the age old idea of escaping one’s surroundings, being free from everything and traveling around the world in eight dollars. Life couldn’t get any better!

And yet there is, as always, a yet. Looking at the way the organizations are built, countries are governed and, well, riches are accumulated, it seems majority of our productive work is actually accomplished upon sitting at the table.

Sitting at the table has a power which no travel can match. It brings out the creative juices hidden inside the brain. It brings out the talent and the intelligence hidden inside of us and shapes it into a tangible form.

Our mobiles, computers, cars, trains, planes, houses, roads and almost everything one can see and feel are examples of manifestation of sitting at the table. If that was not all, our governments, judiciaries, laws, constitutions, bureaucracies, and advocacies, doctorates, corporations are also examples of the power of creation we are capable of, once we sit at the table.

While travel has its own perks such as helping the mind and the body to unwind and rejuvenate by being present in a new environment, it is, for most of us, a means to an end. And if we are truthful to ourselves, we know clearly if it is the former or the latter.

Travel may be amusing and refreshing, but there is nothing wrong in sitting at the table, working on purposeful work for hours, days even years altogether, giving it life and creating a meaningful entity out of it.

It is best not to be carried away by the marketing of travel companies or experiences of friends. The screen on which they are making you read their text is also the cumulative effort of many many brains like yours and mine sitting at the table after all.