To see things the way they are

… and not the way you want them to be, is the biggest challenge we face a lot of times in our lives.

We are all so very occupied with stories we tell ourselves. Things we want to do, things we don’t want to do. Things we want to avoid at all cost, things we are scared of, things we are happy about.

So much are we filled with our own stories that many a times we tend to ignore the facts. The fact is I am responsible towards someone. The story is I want to go away and travel around the world. The fact is I have just begun exploring my artistry. The story is I want to be the best and the most renowned artist in the world, overnight.

Oft time the facts are different from what we want them to be. And yet a fact is a fact, and to see it as it is, is a challenge.

The true sign of maturity is to see things the way they are, and now how we want them to be. That is also the true sign of emotional and spiritual intelligence, and also the purpose of meditation.

What would you say? Do you see really things the way they are?