On Life and Videogames

I remember the times I used to play the game Mario on the gaming console back in the 90s. The music, the stages, Mario himself – shorter and the taller one, the princess, the dragon; the game had a brilliant appeal by itself.

And, the game was barely played to end it, not that the end was any way near considering only so much lives were given to begin with. The game was played for the feeling of intoxication it used to give every time it was played. The fun of moving within the stage slipping away from all obstacles, collecting coins and progressing to the next stage and then the next. That was the real ‘high’ the game used to give rather than seeing the end of it.

The games of the present are no different with the exception that now the lives are infinite and thus one can continue playing forever.

I wonder if the games of life are any different. A business, a blog, a book, a guitar, a new job, a new hobby are all played where the ‘high’ is of moving up the present stage on to the next one.

‘I’ve played this song on my guitar now let me try this new one.’ ‘Okay this post is already written, how about I write this one on my blog.’ ‘This business has succeeded (or failed), time to move on to the next one.’ Such are the tales we often end up saying to ourselves.

Moving up the ladder to the next stage of our evolution, that is life. Much like a video game.

The real ‘kick’ in most of our endeavors is actually the process of achievement and moving to the next big item on the list when the previous one is achieved. The achievement itself is merely a celebration of the moment, bound to end much sooner than later.