Old Stories are like old friends

We have grown up with stories, the stories of The Tortoise & the Hare, the Clever Fox, the Thirsty Crow, the Lion and the Mouse, the Elephant and the Ant, and many more.

Each one of them was fun to hear! And they came with a lesson. A lesson which is timeless, a lesson which wasn’t only applicable when we were children but even now when we have grown. And that is why it is no harm to reread them at times.

“Old stories are like old friends, you need to visit them from time to time.” said the Old Nan to Bran Stark in a Game of Thrones.

Depending on the situation they are in, who knows what new perspective one ends up with from the same old story at the time of going through it once again?

Repetition reinforces after all.

Much the same way, it is also good to revisit old friends from time to time to remould the relationship which seem to have melted.

Have you revisited any old stories or old friends lately? Let’s begin. What say you?