Not a task we relish

Life is full of action. We do one piece of work after another, day after day. A lot of our tasks, our things-to-do are mundane. Certain times we get to do things we cherish. And oft times we are bound to do tasks we don’t really enjoy doing.

Doing something difficult for the first time, giving a bribe, having a difficult conversation, writing  a piece of code or a long report, cleaning the house toilets, basically getting to do something which is ‘out of our comfort zone’ are the kinds of tasks we don’t really relish.

And yet they must be done. And such is life.

Not always do we get to do things we relish. And yet certain times such things can’t be avoided delayed or prolonged. It becomes necessary to pass through the rough looking road of thorns and come out saying ‘eew… that was hard’.

Are there tasks you have been avoiding because you don’t relish them so much? Well, it’s about time we finish those hard looking things-to-do.