I Miss

I miss that day, I miss that morn
When carefree I ran, my thoughts were just born.
With no or little clothes I didn’t care
And no one to see, no one to stare.

I miss the heat of that noon sun
When I and my books were one.
From dawn to dusk with the school work
Yet days were smooth without much jerk.

I miss the reds of that twilight
When with my mates I used to fight.
The war of words with the other ones
And life was good with all one mother’s sons.

I miss those evening walks a lot
Which with my loved one I had got.
Together we reached the moon and stars
And ever we shared our chocolate bars!

And now the night has come upon me
Has taken its toll despite all my plea.
With this and that, no matter what I try
It’s time o’life to say Goodbye.