Logic is a double-edged sword. On one hand it helps the mind with a scientific inclination to solve problems, come up with solutions and make the world an easier and more comfortable place to live in. On the other hand, it justifies everything.

A good and just rule of law can of course be justified since it is good and just. But so can tyranny and suppression.

Making tons of money can be as much justified as not running after it.

Working on changing circumstances and making our lives better is as much justified as accepting one’s fate as God’s will.

An ice cream vendor comes on the day you’re on a no sweets diet, and it’s tempting. To eat or not to eat is the negotiation happening inside. And the internal justification will appear saying tomorrow is the day when we begin the diet once again. Today, is ice cream.

We justify all that is within the sphere of our belief structure and neglect all other. We justify all that is comfortable and does not require too much effort. We justify all that is threatening to the castles we have built (both internal and external).

We do it every day, either by exercising our control or leaving it to the almighty.

As for what kinds of justifications are justified, and what kinds create suppressive environments for ourselves and for others around us, is for us to decide.