Did you know there are more than 70 ways of saying the word ‘Hodor’?!

Actor Kristian Nairn who played the character of Hodor in Game of Thrones mentions that depending on the emotional state and the mood, there is happy Hodor, sad Hodor, angry Hodor, frightened Hodor, curious Hodor, bashful Hodor and so on.

What is fascinating is the usage of one single word to express emotions on so many levels.

If such is the case, we the people are capable of using the same words and phrases to portray meanings in multiple dimensions. All we need is a little shift in the emotion we’re feeling at the time of expression. Such is the beauty of language.

And the more variety one exhibits in portrayal of emotions in their words and feelings, the more becomes the enjoy-ability of their conversations.

We have a range of vocal chords available to us. Why restrict ourselves to only a few scales of monotones when there’s so much more to explore and experiment?

He wasn’t smart but he knew how to use his name well… in a more literal sense than most people ever will.

‘Hodor’, ‘Hodor’, ‘Hodor’.