The Fundamentals of Happiness and Worry

…are the same for all of us, irrespective of who we are, which age we’re born or which sex we belong to.

The prospects of success are our biggest sources of happiness while the prospects of failure, our biggest sources of misery.

We all get happy by doing well, getting good and being lucky. We all get unhappy by failing, getting worse and being unlucky. Irrespective of the situation or the person or the circumstance, failure of marriage, loss of a child, failure in exam, loss of a loved one, losing money or health or any other loss makes us unhappy all the same.

A part of being human is having similar troubles and worries as the next door neighbor. We may choose not to say it out loud in front of others, yet the worries aren’t very different nonetheless.

The fundamentals are the same for all of us. Some of us may have some causes of happiness or unhappiness in varying magnitude, yet the fundamentals aren’t very different.