They say observation is the key to a man’s (and woman’s) growth. The extent to which you can observe and grasp things is the extent to which you can learn and mature.

The question then arises is, is there a better way to observe? Is it about keeping your eyes open and looking at things carefully, or can there be any other way of observation?

It seems the French found an interesting way of enhancing their observation ability.

Paris, considered to be the city of Art, of Culture and of Fashion has much to offer in terms of its diversity in architecture, of varied art forms and an industry thriving on enhancing the wardrobe of and creating trends for individuals across the world.

The artists of the city when looking for inspiration to create art perform this simple technique called ‘Flâneuring’.


‘Flâneur’ (pronounced as fl-uh-nay-er) is a French word which originally means a person who saunters around observing society, a stroller, a saunterer, a wanderer.

Flâneuring, derived from Flâneur is walking for the sake of walking and observing things during the walk. The observation can be general or, at times to make things easy, something in particular. For example, taking a walk in the city of one’s own dwelling and observing every time the color red appears. Red may appear on a bus, a car, a sign board, a flower, in a shop or countless other places which one might have missed in their previous strolls of the city of dwelling.

Being the city of art and fashion, in other words the city of colors, Paris was the obvious choice for the French to come up with this idea.

Flâneuring is an interesting way of enhancing one’s observation.

And one doesn’t really need to go for a random walk to do the same. It can be performed almost every time one is one the road. On a commute while driving, in the metro, while jogging, cycling, going for a meeting or in a thousand other similar situations. Even at non-travel related occasions such as in office, at one’s own desk, while looking through the window, at the gym et al, we get a thousand opportunities to observe things.

Think-it-over: Have you been looking for ways to enhance your observation but get overwhelmed with a million items to look at every time you try to do so?

Become a Flâneur!

All you need to do is to start with looking for one particular color and the different forms that it appears then pick another and so on. And in the world of Asian Paints and forever changing fashion trends, there is no dearth of colors to look for!

Gradually you can move away from colors to other things too!