Devil does lie in the details

Almost always the details are yucky! For one, they are unknown. There is a layer of darkness which surrounds them. It is as if one is going deep into the dingy basement of a stranger’s house.

And then the number of variables increases dramatically as one goes deep into something. The more the variables, the more is the difficulty in managing them.

If that was not all, details means making ourselves learn more about what lies beneath. This takes time and effort.

A sudden fear wave coupled with a mix of other disheartening emotions comes running inside the body at the thought of getting into depth of a concept.

And yet, almost always, all progress is made by one’s getting into details. Success stories are built on an understanding of details. Great doctors, lawyers, professors, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, employees and almost every successful person of the past or the present times lives on a deep understanding of the details of their own subject areas.

Did they not feel fear with the thought of getting one step deeper into the dark sectors of their respective areas? Chances are they very much did.

Did they give too much attention to the fear to be paralyzed which then stopped them from moving forward? I doubt.

There is no question in the fact that the devil lies in the details. The good part is with continuous effort in our respective areas, we get to meet the (inner) devil every other day.

The only factor that defines our success then is the extent to which we can get ourselves familiar with the devil, accept it, say hello every time it comes, and keep moving forward. Only then can any real progress be made. Else, there’s stagnation.