Public Speaking Tips

This section is a collection of tips and tricks on public speaking, arising out of my experience and experiments on the subject.

Public Speaking - MicLet's Begin III

8 Ways to End Your Speech

Just as a good beginning of a speech ensures the audience is with you during the speech, a good ending ensures that the audience is with you even after you have left the stage. A good end of a speech…
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8 Effective Ways to Start Your Speech

They say first impression is a lasting impression. Well, it is good in theory. The question is how do I create a good first impression in practice, especially on stage when it comes to speaking in public? In this section,…
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11 Ideas to Select a Speech Topic

Choosing a speech topic can be a tricky thing in the beginning. I have seen many people asking me questions about how to choose a topic for their next speech. Further, I have also seen people getting stuck as a…
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Speech Preparation: Components of a Speech

In the previous tip, we looked at the three parts of a speech. This time, let’s look at the components of a speech when we get to preparation: 1. Content: Every speech has content. Of course that’s what makes it…
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The Anatomy of a Speech

A speech can be seen to be broadly divided into three parts: Introduction: This part introduces the problem, raises a question and tells a story. A good introduction grabs the attention of the audience within the first 30 seconds which can…
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How Do I Get Good at Speaking in Public?

So how do I get good at speaking in public? Not by reading this blog for sure. Wait a minute, then why am I writing it? Not to make you better at public speaking. That is something you’ll do on…
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