By Chance

It was a cold Christmas eve
On that day of December,
When he saw her for the first
I guess he fell in love with her.

He walked toward her and said,
“Mademoiselle what’s your name?
She replied in her smoky voice,
“I didn’t hear you, come again.”

“What’s your name” he said again
Surprised as much he was
“Who are you”, she asked in an amusing tone
“You ask my name because…?”

“You look wonderful on this Christmas eve
I was awestruck by your smile,
I had no doubts but to come to you
And speak with you for a while.”

“Romeo is my name, a romantic I am
I would love to have a dance
With you mademoiselle, the beauty that you are
You see it doesn’t happen by chance..”

“What doesn’t?” she enquired with her eyes wide open
And a curious look on her face
Those exquisite eyes like an angel she was
No she didn’t belong to that place

“It is not a chance that you and I are here
On this Merry Christmas eve,
The look on your face the smile on mine
Let’s dance, and ye shall believe.”

Dancing was definitely his best feature
I knew he was making his move,
When he put his hands under hers and bowed
This gesture she did approve.

Then off to the floor the two of ’em went
Their bodies began to sway
The smile on his face the glitter in her eyes
They danced the evening away

Then as the night was about to fall
Her friend called her, “Juliet,
Come mother would be waiting for us at home
I do not want her to fret.”

“Juliet is your name how pretty it is.”
He said in a cheerful voice
He held her close in his arms and said,
“Rejoice my love, rejoice.”

“Rejoice to this wonderful evening
And the times that we had
Rejoice to the full in the glory that is yours
I met you I’m so glad.”

“Rejoice and we shall meet again
At another place and time.
We’ll sing we’ll dance we’ll eat and pray
In love more we shall climb.”

“Yes” she said, “Yes we shall meet.
And dance oh I too believe,
This didn’t happen by chance I too
Now thank this Christmas eve.”