Book Review: The Dip by Seth Godin

the dip

As you can see from the cover, this book is about quitting. (This is one of the few books that have changed my life. And it’s just 76 pages long!)

Seth Godin says that there are a lot of people who start something but very few who actually go all the way through to the end. Why? Because of ‘The Dip’.
the dip
As shown above, Seth mentions that starting anything is fun. The moment you start something, a new business, learning guitar, learning typing or anything you find interesting, you always get a high. There are people to support you, and there is a feeling of celebration. You continue in to it for a while and before you reach your goal, The Dip happens. The Dip is the long slog between starting and mastery. The key to success is to persevere through the dip and reach to the other side. The side where there’s scarcity, and hence success.

“If you can’t make it through the dip, don’t start.”

Being the Best in the World

The book starts with why it is extremely important to be the best in the world. Before we venture into that question, let’s explore what he means by best in the World. The World here does not necessarily mean the whole wide world. One does not have to become the next Google or Facebook to be the best in the world.

Ever heard of that sweet shop in that old town which is so famous almost everyone who goes in the town gets sweets from there? Or that old restaurant which does not even have proper sitting facility but the food is so delicious all the tourists go to eat his food. That is what Seth refers to as being the best in the world.

As to the question why it is extremely important to be the best in the world? Obvious isn’t it. Where else will I go to buy things other than the best in the world? But there is another reason for being one. That is scarcity. Because the best in the world are scarce, they are cherished, and get all the advantage for being so. Why are they scarce? You got it right. The Dip.

It seems as if it’s not just sufficient but necessary for many to quit so that one man becomes the winner.

“The Dip creates scarcity, scarcity creates value.”

Cul-de-Sac (Dead End)

The second important idea Seth raises in this book is the one of ‘Cul-de-Sac’, French for ‘dead end’. It means you are doing a project, knowing very well deep inside that it is not going to take you anywhere, yet you keep on doing it because of pressure from people, your own prestige, time and energy already spent etc.
Seth raises an important idea that in order to succeed, which means going through The Dip in one area, one must recognize and quit all the cul-de-sacs which are not going to take him anywhere. This will not only free the time, but also the free mind to think more constructively about the projects you feel passionate about to take them all the way through.

“Quit the wrong stuff.
Stick with the right stuff.
Have the guts to do one or the other.”

Embrace the Dip

Seth continues by saying that it is important to know that any project you start will have a dip. Going to the Bollywood to become an actor? Starting a business? Want to become the CEO of a Fortune 500? Want to do Photography for a living? How about making Six Packs? You name it. There’s a dip everywhere.

Therefore, Seth says, it becomes extremely important to understand at the point of starting a project itself that the Dip is going to come no matter what. Hence if you are not willing to go all the way through, if you think you don’t have the passion to go through the Dip when things are at their lowest, if you think you are going to quit right in the middle of the Dip, don’t start it. And if you have started it and still feel any of the above, quit right now. Instead put your time and focus on a project you are passionate about and which you believe you can take all the way through. Embrace the Dip.

It is wrong to say “Never Quit.” What a good advice actually is, “Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.”

To Conclude

It is an awesome book, a must have for almost everyone. I have attempted my best to give you a great deal of information about the book. I have tried to cover most of the important ideas, at least the gist of it. Seth covers a lot of great information in this short book which can’t be shared in a short review.

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