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The Curious Case of Revert Back


  Consider the following sentences: “I will revert back to you by email.” “Kindly revert back.” “I have sent you a message. Please revert to me as early as possible.” I come across all the above sentences, and their other…
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Theory of Expectations: The Negative Exception

a girl smiling with broken tooth

In continuation with my previous posts on the Theory of Reactions: The Exception and the Norm and the Theory of Expectations: The Exception and the Norm; let us now delve a bit deeper into the concept of an Exception. Recall…
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2 Syndromes Every New Entrepreneur Must Avoid

I am an entrepreneur. I started my first company in the middle of last year. Our strength was the products & services we were offering our clients as a result of the domain expertise we had in our particular industry….
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My Vipassana Meditation Experience

Before I share my Vipassana Meditation experience, I would like to say one thing about myself. Since childhood, I have been a spiritually inclined person. I have always been fascinated by the concept of spiritual enlightenment and the enlightenment of…
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The Vipassana Meditation Course

Last week, from Sep 10 to Sep 21 2014, I attended my second 10-day Vipassana Meditation course. I attended my first such course 2 years ago in October 2012. In these two years, with a not-very-regular practice (not suggestible though),…
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