At Midnight

“Do you like making love at Midnight?”
She asked in a sweet gentle tone.
He said, “My love. I surely do.”
This much he had always known.

They were sitting at the shore
Of the vast magical Sea.
Whose waves played music all day
And the breeze was pure and free.

The dusk had just flipped in
From a hot sunny noon.
The birds chirped, the children sang
Under the calm golden moon.

She said, “My love let’s walk on the sand
I only want to be with you.
This time we have is so precious
I don’t want to lose it too.”

This love they have was ephemeral
Like the passing of the day.
It began at once at the midnight ring
And the end was just at bay.

She picked a shell from below and said
“We’ve only got this one night.
Let’s celebrate our love to the fullest.
Who knows what happens by the light?”

He took her hand, he looked at her face
Her hair were flying in the wind
He gave a gentle kiss on her lips
He knew she’d gotten under his skin.

The night fell further down and they
Didn’t utter a single word.
Just looked at each other in silence
Only their hearts could be heard.

The melody of waves the opera of breeze
Were the only sounds on the beach.
Only he and her under the shining stars
There was no one in a man’s eye reach.

He held her hand, he kissed her face
He hugged her really tight.
On the sand and under the calm white moon
They made love, at Midnight.