Are You Missing The Obvious?

Some time ago, I was preparing a few documents on vendor management for my organization. As part of the work, I was supposed to find ways of vendor retention and satisfaction. Thinking through all the possibilities and doing a bit of secondary research over the internet, I had prepared a list of 10 different ways of retaining vendors.

I had thought of and prepared a list of all the weird ways varying from vendor training to explaining them our business goals. All this while, the one that I knew which was the most obvious one, the one which is the foundation of vendor retention and is therefore the most obvious, was the one that I missed. It’s called incentivizing. Giving incentives – cash incentives or non-cash gifts to high-performing vendors, a practice which is followed all over the world.

Its not that I forgot it, rather I thought it was too obvious. Therefore, while forwarding the list to my seniors in the organization, I didn’t add it in the list. Although my seniors didn’t really point it out explicitly in their feedback, I realized the mistake I have made. I had missed the obvious.

An ignorant mistake?

Looking back at that incident and stretching my mental muscles a bit, I came up with many other situations where I had missed the obvious before sending an answer to a situation.

Here is my question to you. Was there a situation in your life where you missed the obvious? Do you think you could have done something to avoid it?

The obvious belongs to the top of the list. That is its right place. Everything else follows it.