Are You Forgetting The Jug?

It was evening. Around 7pm. I was going with my brother to get milk from the milkman. Every day at 6pm the milkman goes to his dairy to get fresh buffalo milk. Between 7pm and 730pm, he comes and waits at a particular place and everyone who has subscribed to his dairy’s milk goes to that place with their jug and collects milk from him. We do it too. It is our daily routine.

That evening I left with my brother to get the milk and while we were halfway there, my brother reminded me that we have left the milk jug at home only. I said that’s okay, let’s go, he will give us another jug for today. We went to the milkman and apologized for not getting our jug. He filled the milk in his spare one and gave to us. Happily we accepted and left.

We forgot the jug. A small mistake.

Here is the question I ended up asking myself. Could we have done something to avoid this mistake?

Of course it would have been much better to think it through before leaving the house, in other words, to plan things out in advance. Further it would not have made any difference even if we had realized after reaching the milkman’s place that we had forgotten the jug. My brother got the right thought, but at the wrong time.

And a right thought at the wrong time is as redundant and unimportant as a wrong thought.

You never know when you are going to get the right thought about the path you are progressing on. And if you must get the right thought, you might as well have it early rather than late. Whether you are organizing an event, starting a company, beginning a new project or moving to a new house. Thinking things through before walking can help one avoid a lot of small and big mistakes on the path.

On a project you are working on, take a pause and think it through. Are you forgetting the jug?