Are We All Special?

…or no one is?

Yesterday was the festival of Janmashtami. The festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna and is celebrated every year in most parts of India.

As for Lord Krishna, he is one of the supreme deities of the Hindu believers. So much so that almost every time a new son is born in our families, he is compared with Lord Krishna. It is said that the lord has taken birth in the form of a son in our house.

The daughters likewise are considered to be living forms of female goddesses such as Laxmi, the goddess of wealth or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. This also stems from the fact that children are most precious for their parents.

What is interesting is, generation after generation, each generation believes the same about their children. This means all of us, including our parents and their parents are believed to be born as Krishna or Laxmi.

This analogy thus makes all of us special. It makes all of us living forms of Krishna or Laxmi.

The trouble with everyone being special is that the moment everyone is special, no one is.

Thus as a family we may believe that a Krishna is born in our house, what’s also to be kept in mind is that the family next door is thinking the same.

On a different note, in toto are we all not living forms of some supreme entity? Although that is entirely a matter of one’s belief, the fact that we’re alive means some kind of consciousness is running in our skin and bones giving life to everything. In some ways we all are special. Or maybe no one is. Depends on from where you’re looking at.