Appearance of Invincibility

At the outset, almost every one of us carries an appearance of invincibility around us. We carry the appearance of a perfect man/woman who can’t be disturbed by outer circumstances, whose life is perfect and who has learnt and mastered to the core the art of balancing all aspects of one’s life.

That is until the time we speak honestly to ourselves. Then we realize how ‘human’ we truly are. ‘Human’ with our follies, stupidities and dumped mistakes of the past which very few, if any at all, know besides our own good selves.

Of particular importance are the invincible appearances of the celebrities who we see ‘maked up’ on the smart boxes of our homes without knowing what messed up crazy lives they actually live, a life whose miseries may not be that different from ours.

Such may also be the invincible appearances of some of our own friends, colleagues, or ones with power or money. And yet no one is saved from the wrath of time and tide.

The question then is if none is invincible, why should we appear to be so? A part of the job description in some cases, to guard one’s reputation in some others.

Appearance of invincibility have become commonplace for a lot of us in a lot of situations. Yet what is to be understood is, despite all those appearances, the others are no different from us when it comes to experiencing the crests and troughs of the tides of time.