Anything in Which You Do Not Invest Time Declines

The fundamental of life is simple. Just as anything in which you invest your time grows. The opposite is equally true.

I used to play good Chess at one point in time. Enjoyed playing guitar, carom, swimming, dancing and what not. But since I haven’t played either one of these for quite some time, my muscles have gotten ‘rusty’.

I used to have great friends at one point in time. Great relationships too. But since I haven’t touched base with either of them for quite some time, the strength of the relationships has reduced.

I used to be a good student who studied really hard and remembered a lot of things of the subjects I studied, viz. Science, Math, French and Sanskrit. But since I haven’t picked any books on either of these for quite some time, the text is lost in the hidden areas of my memory.

Time Declines


Anything in which you do not invest your time declines.

That is the law of nature.

Until of course, we come across that sport, hobby, person, or subject once again.