A Man’s Body Has Weaknesses

“No civilization in the history of mankind has ever cared for the rights of women. What makes you think this one will?
Men don’t even have the courtesy to protect themselves. The other hand they fight all the time. Check your history books if you don’t trust me. And you think this time they will make laws and provisions to protect you?!

A man is NOT physically stronger than you.
Man’s body has weaknesses. Know them.
Knowledge is strength.

Learn combat.
Learn to protect yourself.
Carry safety equipment in your purse.
Take responsibility for yourself by yourself. Stop blaming.”

To all my female friends living across the world, I sincerely hope that no rape-inflicting situation ever happens to you. But if due to some stroke of luck you find yourself in such a situation, here are a few pointers that may help to get you out safely.

a. Always keep pepper spray (or stun gun) in your purse – a good thing about women is they carry a hand bag with them almost all the time. Better have a small self-defense item in it. It is a small and very useful thing for emergencies.

b. Irrespective of the size, here are a few weak spots in a man’s body which you may use for self-defense:
1. Eyes
2. Groins
3. Knees
4. Toes (particularly the ankles)
5. Nose

While the other three are more common, not many people know that Knees are easy to hit weak spots which are not very well defended either (unlike others which can be prevented by hands or feet). A good hit on the knee cap (even better with a heel) will immediately tear the ligament, hence break the attacker.
Never forget the groins (balls). Even the slightest hit can seriously injure the hugest attacker. Same with the eyes. A small fingernail pinching in the eye and the attacker is impaired.
And if you do succeed in hurting or slowing down the attacker this way, my suggestion is to leave the place and not to become the attacker yourself. You do not have to bring yourself down to that level.

c. If it so happens that there are more than two and it is difficult to attack or defense, let go. It may sound disheartening to hear (it is even so while saying) but accepting the truth and trying to keep the mind calm is the best thing you can do in such a moment. It is a fact that the predator always enjoys the fear and cries of the prey. Same is the case with the assaulters. And that is why it is my advice to stay calm (which is of course a lot easier said than done). It also helps because a calm mind gets ideas much faster than a turbulent one. Maybe you find out a weak spot where you can hit and make the attackers recede even for a moment. Even that can give valuable time to think of ways of escape.

Remember, try not to be afraid and to be calm. It is the fear that rapes a girl much before the man does.

My blessings with every woman. May none have to see this ever. May all be happy.