Yearly Archive: 2015



It was May 2014. I had performed at the national finals of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. The person who wins at the nationals goes to the International Speech Contest. I did not win that particular contest. The person who…
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A Want Justified

want justified

The month was August, year 2014. My grandmother had expired two weeks ago and I was not working anywhere. Kind of in the middle of work at that time. Her passing away had an immense effect on me. I began…
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The Memory Lane


It was my turn. I came to the stage, got myself mentally prepared to speak. It was the Table Topics (extempore speeches) session of our Toastmasters meeting, and I was to be given a topic on stage and was required…
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Yes or No, Be Liberated


It was Sunday evening. I was in Delhi, attending a workshop. My parents have already called me a couple of times and I couldn’t take their call in the middle of the workshop. Besides, I knew why they were calling…
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Dekstop or Desktop


In the mid of the year 2014, I met one of my cousins. We are very close. Every time we meet, we indulge into long conversations about life, love, and other existential questions about the entire universe and our purpose in…
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This Is Why We Celebrate Birthdays

Happy Birthday

Despite the fact that we get one year older and hence one year closer to the grave, the key reason why I believe we celebrate birthdays is… Gratitude. Yesterday was my birthday. Thanks to technology, from around midnight to the…
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The House Hunting: A few weeks ago, I moved to a one bedroom apartment. I wanted to stay alone for a while and now I have got the chance to do that. While I was searching for an apartment I looked…
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Are You Writing Your Autobiography?


I am. Let’s begin with the beginning. In the month of February 2012, I was in the last trimester (term) of my MBA program. In the last term, I had taken up a course called Discovering Self. It is a course…
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I Am Coming in 10 Minutes


A few days ago on a weekend, I had come to my cousin’s place with my parents. His house is an hour’s drive from our place and we reached there around 1pm. I and my mother had some work to…
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An Act of God

This Monday morning while I was on my way to office, I stopped my car for checking the air in the tires. My office is a 1 hour drive from my house. Every day I cross the same road, and…
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