The Townsman and the Birds

One morning they searched his tender abode
He disappeared without even a word.
When all went back to their homes in the eve
His house saw the singing of a bird.

“Kuckoo kuckoo” the animal had said
With love for who he was.
The keeper of the town, the lover of them birds
Much good to the land he had caused.

Since childhood he was a romantic soul
Singing songs and playing on the street.
Free birds were his forever loving pet
He greeted everyone that he meet.

“Welcome my dear to this loving land
Of corn and rice and ale.
This town is the place to be I’m sure
Where love and peace prevail.”

And then one day it came to this
When the bandits of the hills nearby
Came flying on their horses and shooting ’em birds
As if trouble fell down from the sky.

Through the birds he knew the bandits had come
They sang a melancholic song.
He told the dwellers of the town of the news,
“They are coming where they don’t belong”

“We’ve got to fight them bandits or else
They’ll murder our mothers and our kids.
And take what we have to their stinky dunes
This town will be dead God forbids.”

Then townsmen all came at the hall and roared,
“Hoola hoola, it’s our town
We’ve got to protect with our lives or else
Those bandits will loot it up brown.”

Then plots they made to stop those thieves
Like that film “Seven Samurai.”
They closed all gates and sent him away
As a scout to the hills to spy.

“They’re coming”, he roared, “They’re coming.”
To the land of the birds and the corn,
All townsmen got set for the impending war
To protect the land they had sworn.

The battle ensued for one full day
He was sitting with a rifle on top
Of a hill and shooting ’em bandits from afar
One by one they began to drop.

By evening the town had won the combat
The birds had returned to chime.
Though mourning ensued for those who were dead
It was a celebration time.

They sang the songs on a triumphant beat
He looked at them from afar.
He knew his time had come to leave
This town and the people that they are.

He packed his bags he was ready to go
When he heard the singing of a bird,
“Kuckoo kuckoo” the animal had said
He disappeared without even a word.