That Heavy Heart (of Not Doing)

heavy heart, procrastination

Every time I think of doing something and I don’t do it, I feel a kind of heaviness in my heart. This is a confession.

8 months ago, I began this blog with the idea of sharing my life and learnings as they happen. Gradually, it became a habit and I started enjoying the process. I started experimenting. I started experimenting different things so that I can share them on the blog. It was amazing!

I felt the urge to experiment so that I can share it. And as a result, I started learning different things. New things. From speed reading, to creating a master memory using memory palaces, to reading books and sharing their gist, it became a part of me. I learnt to grow myself and shared for the readers to grow along with me.

But all this while, there have been one problem. And that is timing. My original idea was to write one post a week. Then as I progressed I began to wonder if I can write twice a week. Slowly I began to understand the power of daily, and therefore wanted to create a daily blog. The truth is, in this month, this is my second post. Which means I’m actually writing only once in 15 days. So much for the wishful thinking!

As for the reasons for not writing, well there can be many. Fear of producing posts which does not add value to the reader, lack of practice especially when I have not written for many days (a vicious circle), laziness, or probably because of lack of priorities. Procrastination is the word.

Whatever the reason maybe, the outcome is the same. No work is being done. No post is being written.

I must confess it leads to a Heavy Heart. When you want to do something but you are not doing it. It’s a burden.

And therefore, as a result of coming out with it, as a result of telling you this issue of mine, I intend to create accountability. I intend to put myself in the spotlight so that I do not falter on my commitment.

My commitment: To write one post per week for the next eight weeks.
Post release day: Monday.
Post release time: 11am.

And this is my question to you. In any area of life, are you also dealing with this Heavy Heart? You want to do something but are not doing it for whatever reason. If so, come out, share it with someone and create that additional accountability. If you don’t want to share it with a lot of people, share with a few but do share. The accountability will ensure you do not falter on your commitment.

Getting rid of the Heavy Heart, as I just did, is truly an amazing feeling. One that lightens and lifts you up. And who doesn’t want to be lifted?