Grounded Flight

Consider this statement.

“I want to do so much in life, grow my self, my organization, make name and fame for myself. There’s so much to be done… but I have to do all these daily chores, take care of family members, come back home and do all these household activities which seem like not adding any value towards my dreams and my goals.”

Have you ever had this thought?

If yes, you’re not alone. And neither am I.

Each one of us has dreams to fulfill, places to reach, clouds to fly on, mountains to climb and heights to capture. And all of this shall be done… while being on the ground, with family, taking care of the house we live in and the members of the surrounding we are a part of.

True these grounded realities slow you down. And that’s the point. The timeless tale of the Tortoise is there for a reason. Slow and steady does win the race.

True these grounded realities slow you down. But they don’t stop you. None can. So long as the will persists, the hidden treasures of time and energy to achieve one’s goals can be found.

What’s a good businessman if he’s not a good father? What’s a good employee if he’s not a good son? What’s a good social activist if she’s not a good mother? What’s a good school Principal if she’s not a good daughter?

An optimum mix of the externalities of the goals and the realities of the ground is what’s expected out of each one of us. A grounded flight flies the best. Much like a grounded tree affixed to its roots.