The Equilibrium of Life


Last week was crazy. Monday night, I was up until 3am writing my blog post, doing the final editing and sending it to my mailing list. Considering the fact that I have to reach office at 10am every morning, staying awake till 3am isn’t quite the best thing to do (those who go to work in the morning will understand I’m sure). Wednesday night, I was doing some office work. Again, it took me quite a while in the night before I could finally crash. Thursday night, the same work continued till 3 in the night. Yet another sleepless night.

By the time it was Friday, you can imagine my sleepless condition. When I reached home on Friday night, I slept at 11pm and woke up at 12 noon the other day! For those of you who do now know me yet, I am a strict 6-7 hours sleep a day person. Anything more than that is a waste of time. And yet, such was the craziness of the week which went!

All the sleeplessness had to be compensated with a good amount of sleep over the weekend.

Consider this situation There is a tree. A mango tree. It grows from being a tiny sapling. In the early stages, the tree required water and care. But then when it grew, it grew tall with a lot of mangoes on the way. Every day the tree dances in the wind. As the air breeze flows through the branches, it makes the tree move from one direction to the other direction. Some mangoes fall along the way, leaves strike the air and make beautiful noises.

On one particular day, the wind was too fast. Like a tornado. So fast that although the root of the tree still kept its ground, the leaves and the fruits were taken away from the tree. Further, the prolonged winds at a fast speed led to bending of the trunk in one direction.

It is going to take some time for the tree to recover and get back to its ‘normal’ state.


Equilibrium, as per Wikipedia is defined as the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts.

In other words, everything in its restful state of existence is in equilibrium.

If you are reading this post while sitting on a chair, and if you are not stressing yourself while sitting, you are sitting in equilibrium. A tree is standing normally is in equilibrium. The chair in your room is in equilibrium. The fan tied to the ceiling is in equilibrium.

In school, I remember my chemistry lessons where the teacher used to tell about Chemical Equilibrium.

Chemical Equilibrium

As I grew up, I realized everything is in equilibrium. Equilibrium, a state of balance, is what nature is in, by default.

Disturbing the Equilibrium

Every time I meet a new person, I basically disturb that person’s ‘Equilibrium’. This is because my presence, my words, my actions and everything else that I do which concerns that person will affect that person, positively or negatively.

Think of what happened to my sleep in the beginning of the story. For 3 out of 5 days, I lost my sleep. The equilibrium of my sleep was disturbed negatively which had to be compensated with a long 12 hours sleep in order to get it back to balance.

Similar situation happened with our mango tree which was so deeply affected by the strong wind that its leaves got disturbed, its fruit got disturbed and its trunk got disturbed. To a human eye, that would be getting affected on the negative side of the equilibrium.

The Equilibrium Scale


Equilibrium ScaleA state of existence is in equilibrium as long as there is no force acting upon it.. Newton’s second law.

The moment a force is applied, the equilibrium gets disturbs. Depending on the kind of force that is applied, the equilibrium gets disturbed either in the positive or in the negative side.

Every external influence or force will affect your equilibrium. Positively or negatively.

Anything small or big that happens, every person we speak to, every word we say, every food we eat, every action we perform disturbs our equilibrium. Disturbance in Equilibrium is inevitable. An unavoidable part of Being Human. The question always is, are we disturbing the Equilibrium on the Negative or on the Positive side of the scale?

Even reading this blog is disturbing your equilibrium. My attempt is always to disturb it on the positive side 🙂

Every time another person ended up in a state of hurt, sadness because of me, it was a negative disturbance. Every time another person ended up in a state of happiness because of me, it was a positive disturbance.

Think-it-over: How many times can you recall disturbing another person’s equilibrium? To get a bit deep, how many times have you disturbed someone’s equilibrium negatively? Positively?

Let’s try to reduce our negative disturbances to a minimum, only when absolutely necessary. At all other times, isn’t it just wonderful to make someone’s life better because of your presence?!

Positive disturbance in Equilibrium every time you meet someone is bound to create a lasting happiness for you and for the world around you.