Deviation (The Next Four Weeks of the Slow-Carb Diet)

You may recall I did an experimental diet in the four weeks of April (aka the Slow-Carb Diet). As a result of it, I ended up losing 5 kgs of body weight in that month. The following four weeks of the May month, I did not have anything specific in mind. The idea was to continue with the same food pattern since it was proving to be fruitful, with some minor modifications here and there.

The month started well, everything was good. I was preparing the food just like before, eating the same kinds of foodstuffs just like before. Have become a bit more lenient with my food selection but it was more or less the same.

I had some minor deviations in the first two weeks of the routine. The third week went good too. By the third week, I saw a weight loss of another 2 kgs.

And then in the fourth week, I met a friend who commented me that I have got really thin and lean. Such was the power of the compliments that the very same day, I ended up eating a market purchased nut cracker, a Kurkure and a bhujiya namkeen! A few more old time friends, as I met them, did the same. The more positive comments I got, the more I deviated from the meal plan. The thought being, now that I have become slim, why not enjoy a couple of cookies and cold drinks!

Why did I do that? When everything was okay, why did I eat all that junk when I could simply have avoided it? Not just that, I ended up spending the entire last week going nuts for my food as a result of this, with a lot of deviation while in the way.

The reason came I came up with for this behaviour can be summarized in one word: Complacency.

For every achievement, with appreciation comes the feeling of inflation of the self, the rise of the ego, which then leads to Complacency.

This feeling of complacency led me to believe that I really have become slim and thin and now that I have become that, I can eat anything I want.

Complacency kills discipline

Extended to another direction, a man can say, now that I have a million dollars, I can do and buy whatever the hell I want. You can very well imagine the fate of this person.

The deviation in one week got to the extent that I ended up regaining the 2 kgs I in this last one week itself. (Not that I have gone nuts over my body weight, just that I measure it every Sunday to see where I stand.)

Think-it-over: Have you ever been in a situation where, as a result of some external or internal influence, you became complacent over some achievement of yours? If yes, for how long did you continue with the complacent behaviour? What was the outcome?

I am positive of the fact that complacent behavior for long will eventually affect the outcome in a negative way, affect the Equilibrium in a negative direction.

Forever vigilance is the way to be.