Davy’s Plan

One day as I was walking
On a long and lonesome road,
I saw an old dilapidated house
Which once was someone’s abode.

There as I knocked the front door
It came as a big surprise,
As an old man opened the door and said,
“Hola!” as he looked in my eyes.

“Welcome thy home my master!”
Exclaimed the old man to me,
“Master?” I enquired it looked
As if he already knew me!

“Master” said the old man,
“You were once a child of this house,
And thrown away by your own kin
As a cat does to a mouse.”

“But now that you have returned
Master, behold this is your throne,
And you the rightful heir of this
House and the riches it has grown.”

‘Riches’ I thought ‘of this old house?’
It seems its about to collapse.
Hard to trust this dying old man
Who knows its one of his traps?

“Riches” he said with emphasis
As if he read my thoughts.
He clapped twice and the lights came out
And I saw the beautiful dots,

Of brightening lights on the ceiling
The place was fully lit,
It was no more the same ol’ house
Beautiful shining lustre it did emit.

As I walked into the hallway
There came a beautiful girl,
Whose name she said was Farah
Her hair both straight and swirl.

She said “This is my father
The caretaker of this dwelling,
We were waiting for you for long
About you my father was telling.”

“Since childhood I’ve heard stories
Of the valor of your kin,
And now I’m pleased to meet you
M’lord let your rule begin.”

I said “I am no lord
Nor brave nor own this place,
I am a mere gentleman
Who got mixed on his ways.”

“I came to ask directions
To a friend I came to meet,
His name is Davy he works with the Navy
He’s the one with very big feet.”

“‘Big foot’ they call him in the city
Over here I am not aware.”
I recall he told me upon leaving
“There’s a crazy old man beware.”

“Who’s finding the rightful heir
To an old dilapidated house,
And a girl who’s name is Farah
Who’s looking for her spouse.”

“She looks beautiful no doubt
With her straight and curly hair,
But go if only you’re interested
Or else my friend beware.”

As I looked at the old man
“Beware” he said to me,
And laughed and laughed like a five year old
‘From this place I must flee,’

I said to myself afraid I was
And whispered like a child,
“Sir there’s a mistake I am no heir.”
It looked I have been beguiled.

Then from the stairs walked down a man
Who looked like he was Davy,
And with him came the other men
Who worked with him at the Navy.

They laughed so hard at my plight
As if I was a clown,
Who’s hat says ‘You can trick me
I come from far uptown.’

Then came Davy and said laughing,
“Old friend! How have you been?”
“Been worse” I said with a gloomy look
“I am gonna break your chin.”

Then Davy said “Cool down my friend
It all was just a joke,
Here take your ale and live the day
We are all one jolly folk!”

I had a memorable time with them
His friends and that old man,
And Farah was nice and told me at night
All this was Davy’s plan!