Creator’s love towards his own work

An author is susceptible falling in loving with his own writing.

Much like a singer is prone to loving his own song. Just as a cook to his own dish, and an artist to his own art.


Because the creation has come from within, because labor and time and energy spent in creating it, and also because it’s delicious and pleasing to the senses.

But that is a mirage. An illusion, until the audience does not think the same.

Much like the mirage when we see ourselves in the mirror and begin to appreciate the beauties that we are.

We love ourselves, and everything that we do and create to an extent that we are willing to cling on to it forever. Objective criticism therefore becomes a requirement to bring us back to the equilibrium.

Many a man has gone mad and thenceforth dissolved in the delusion of loving their own work. It’s time to learn from their mistakes.