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A Man’s Body Has Weaknesses

“No civilization in the history of mankind has ever cared for the rights of women. What makes you think this one will? Men don’t even have the courtesy to protect themselves. The other hand they fight all the time. Check…
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Theory of Expectations: The Exception & the Norm

In continuation to the Theory Reactions: the Exception & the Norm, let’s look a bit more in to the Exception. An Exception, simply speaking, is something which does not happen too often in the normal course of events. It is…
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Theory of Reactions: The Exception & the Norm

Imagine what you would feel if you see Sachin Tendulkar walking on the road. What about Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Roger Federer. Maybe someone like JK Rowling, Anjelina Jolie! For most of you (myself included), the reaction would be something…
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