Barriers to Exit

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”, are the last words of ‘Hotel California’, one of the most melodious songs of our times.

If looked closely, there are a number of situations we come across where this statement holds true. Oft times it is easy to enter into a commitment and all the more hard to come out of it.

Of times the barriers to exit are so high that choosing to stay within and adjusting oneself to the situation sounds an easier, uncomplicated thing to do.

The barriers to entry are high for starting a business, getting a good job, learning to play the guitar. The barriers to exit on the other hand are high for getting out of the clutches of the law, getting a divorce, changing professions after a certain age, recovering from an accident.

For high barriers to entry commitments, consideration is required before entering but quitting isn’t difficult. For high barriers to exit commitments, carefulness is of utmost importance at all times as calling it quits isn’t exactly a child’s play.

Are you stuck in a situation which you want to come out of but can’t? Do you think it is because of high barriers to exit? Well, I can only hope to change the words of the song to, “You can check out any time you like, and some day you may leave.”