A Leap of Faith

Science has proved that all of our sensory organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch can perceive things within a certain range.

The eyes can see anything between the colors of the rainbow – from violet to red. We call it the white light. Everything beyond – infrared, ultraviolet and beyond is invisible to the human eye. Similarly, the ears can hear sounds within a given range of decibels. Bats can hear sounds what we cannot. So is the nasal perception. The dog being the most common example of animals which can smell things we find difficulty in smelling.

Science has proved that our perception of sensory organs is very much limited. Just because my eyes can’t see something does not mean it doesn’t exist. Similar is the case with my ears, my nose, my taste, my touch. No matter how much I deny, the scientific facts don’t lie.

While denial arising out of fear is the obvious response to all things imperceptible, what you need is a leap of faith to first believe that something which can’t be seen, heard or touched can exist. Only then can any progress be made.