9 Day Navratri Detox Challenge

With today begins the Navrati of this season for the year 2015. Every year, it is one of the rules in the Hindu scriptures to keep fast on Navratris to keep the body good and healthy during changing season.

While some of us, especially our mothers, keep fast for all 9 days, many others keep fast on one or two out days out of the 9.

This Navratri, thanks to a friend, I plan to do something different. I call it the “9 Day Navratri Detox Challenge”.

In this challenge, there is no fast for any of the 9 days. In fact on all days, we eat meals to satisfaction of tummy and of the mind.

The rules are simple.


  1. Home cooked food (veg/non-veg is an individual’s choice)
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Milk and curd (and other milk products)
  4. Lots of water
  5. Nuts (Almonds, raisins, cashews…)

Not allowed:

  1. No alcohol, no smoking
  2. No biscuits, chips etc
  3. No outside food (burger, pizza etc)
  4. No soft drinks, processed juices (Real, Tropicana etc)

Please note that the idea behind this challenge is not religious. If you are religious, by all means feel free to follow the actual fast. The idea behind this challenge is scientific. To detox the body with fresh food and vegetables and water and to stay away from outside food as much as possible during this changing season.

As for food habits, I am of the belief that is a matter of personal choice and I am no one to stop anybody from eating the type of food they want to.

Also it’s kind of cool isn’t it! Taking up a challenge like this! 😀

The challenge begins today for the next 9 days till 21 October 2015.

Up for it?!