Are You Writing Your Autobiography?


I am.

Let’s begin with the beginning. In the month of February 2012, I was in the last trimester (term) of my MBA program. In the last term, I had taken up a course called Discovering Self. It is a course conducted by one of our faculty in which there is no traditional classroom teaching/learning. Instead, the course attempts to give a glimpse of who you are by engaging the pupils in a set of exercises which help them reveal a bit about their self.

As part of that course, we were required to write our autobiography. A bunch of 25 year olds writing their autobiographies! Who is ever going to read that! Being always fascinated by the spiritual/psychological aspect of man, I really enjoyed that particular course and wrote my 25 page autobiography seriously and honestly.

Fast forward 2 years, in December 2014, I got an idea. I should continue writing my autobiography.

The idea that came to me was this. By the end of December 2014, I will write everything that has happened with me over the last 2.5 years since February 2012. I will cover the following aspects of my previous 2.5 years – the choices I made, the decisions I took, the results that came out of them, and the learning that I received out of those. From January 2015 onward, I will continue to add pages to my autobiography every six months till the time I am alive. This way, by the time I am 50 (or by the time I become interesting enough for people to read my autobiography), I already have one ready!

Besides, I also realized that writing autobiography has another aspect to it. The past is gone. Whatever has happened has happened. From now onward, by promising to add pages to my autobiography every six months (starting June 2015), I am no more writing my autobiography, I am creating it. Whatever I do in the next six months will be written down on those pages. Thus there is a sense of responsibility to create an autobiography which is a worthy one. Since I am going to add pages in it every six months, I should do something every six months which is ‘interesting’ enough that I will feel proud to add it further.

This creates a futuristic approach towards life! This also creates a responsibility that I should only do good things that grow me and the world around me in a positive way.

It’s like breaking life into fragments of six months, or milestones of time (timestones!).

My only condition behind writing the autobiography was that it had to be honest. No hiding, no lying, only truth. The people’s names may be changed but the stories need to be true. Everything I have done so far – good, bad, ugly is on those pages. It’s like a major part of my life is now literally an open book for everyone to read.

And this is my question to you. Do you resonate with this concept and wish to record, write about and create your life by the medium of this book? Do you want to write your autobiography?

If yes, then by all means join in the ride! All you have to do is sit down for a few hours over the weekend and write out your life till 2015 on a few pages. It can’t be easier than this!

As for the future, we can help one another in creating our autobiographies by being a motivating factor for each other. A team is better than an individual!

P.S. Let me know in the comments if you wish to join in the project. Depending on the response, we can create a group or forum of some sort.

Either case, keep rocking and be happy! You’re awesome! 🙂