Who is Agastya Maurya?

Agastya Maurya

At the outset, Agastya is the name of an ancient Indian sage who was the key person who spread the ancient North Indian Vedic Aryan culture to South India. He is also considered to be the Father of the Tamil literature. Upon hearing the word Maurya, the mind (of an Indian) immediately turns its attention to the great Indian King Chandragupta Maurya.
Agastya Maurya signifies a combination of a Sage and an Emperor. Agastya Maurya is the blend of the ancient Indian Brahminic knowledge & wisdom, and a Kshatriya’s courage & determination. Agastya Maurya is the right mix of a teacher with compassion, and a leader with fearlessness. Agastya Maurya is both a meditator and a ruler. He is a Buddha and a Krishna. He has the compassion of a Christ and the love of a Rama.
Today’s world needs more than just leaders. It needs leaders who are educators. It needs leaders who are honest, who know the difference between the right and the wrong, who have the ability and the courage to be truthful and take the right decisions.
Agastya Maurya is the perfect mix of the leader, the thinker, and the human the world needs at this age.

Yours Sincerely
Vipul Mehta
Author of the Agastya Maurya Blog